Amy Bernhard has been helping clients locate properties and design and build homes for over a decade. Click here for a full list of testimonials.

SOL Austin community, 78721

Amy has the perfect blend of technical knowledge, project management capability and intuitive appreciation for the factors that make a sustainable modern home design work for clients. She worked hard to meet my needs and her creative solutions were both practical and true to the essence of the home ownership experience that I wanted to create.  She is everything you would want in a consultant:  knowledgeable, creative, and responsive. Plus, she had the patience of a saint through the many late night “brainwaves” that I wanted to add to the project, and made the experience very enjoyable.  I highly recommend her services.

- Alistair Deakin, CEO, KaleidaCare Management Solutions


ma modular’s Village West house, 78733

I would not be living in a beautiful, new ma modular modern home without Amy Bernhard.  She was right there guiding me every step of the way including financing/closing, design choices, and moving in. I highly recommend her if you want someone to relate to you and others on the job.

- Cynthia Foss, Homeowner


ma modular’s Ruth house, 78757

Amy Bernhard was the most consistently best thing about building our modular home in Austin. From her quick telephone response to my first query about building a modular home, Amy was the person who answered questions and tried very hard for us to get what we wanted. With someone like Amy in charge of more of the planning for construction, I suspect that the small and important issues will be well addressed through ongoing and thorough open communications from beginning to end.

Carole Hanks & Tom Hanks, Homeowners


Amy has been an amazing resource for our family as we have approached the daunting task of finding land, buying land, designing our house and all of the processes, people, and paperwork in between. She has always been on time, has passed along the best information and has helped us weigh our options. For anyone daunted with the scariness of buying, selling, or building your own home and need someone that you can trust, I’d highly recommend Amy Bernhard.

Matt Bradford and Sara Cotner, Homeowners


1090 Plan at SOL Austin

Amy Bernhard has worked patiently and tirelessly with me throughout the home buying process at SOL Austin. She continues to keep me informed of even the smallest details, and explains the significance and options of each step along the way. Additionally, Ms. Bernhard communicates with professionalism, charm, and grace, and is a joy to work with. I trust that someday, she will be working on large design or construction projects that redefine the way people interact with their home or work environment. Ms. Bernhard is a must-have for your real estate efforts, be it your first home or a large-scale commercial development.

Jake Wengroff, Soon-to-be Homeowner