Learn How to Demo a House, Design with SketchUp, Install Flooring, and more!


As-Built Drawing & Demolition

Come learn how to measure and demo a house! You’ll walk away with the skills to measure gross area square footage, windows, doorways, countertops and cabinets, and how to sketch an as-built plan — skills you can apply to any room or house you’d like to remodel. Then, we’ll grab some sledgehammers, pry bars and hammers and learn how to deconstruct the space.

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SketchUp for Beginners

Have a space that needs remodeling? Before you get to work, you’ll need a 3D representation of your space to help you imagine what the finished product will look like! Dare to be your own designer and use SketchUp to create a rendering of your own space.

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Install Cork Flooring

Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to laminate wood flooring, with the same bang for your buck? This class will demonstrate how to size and install click-lock plank flooring by using a jigsaw, a framing square & ruler, sawhorses, a hammer and a tap bar.

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Install Trim & Baseboards

Replacing trim is one of the easiest ways to update a home to give it a more modern look & feel. Learn how to measure, cut and install doorway/window and baseboard trim. Installing your own trim is an easy and satisfying way to save in labor costs during a remodel.

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